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Per month
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  • 1 Sites
  • 3 Integrations
  • 1,500 Monthly Tracked Users
  • 3 months Data History
  • 0 Additional Users
  • 50 Scraped Content Items



Per month
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  • 5 Sites
  • 10 Integrations
  • 5,000 Monthly Tracked Users
  • 6 months Data History
  • 2 Additional Users
  • 150 Scraped Content Items

Professional includes:

  • Analytics
  • Hosted FAQ



Per month
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  • 15 Sites
  • 25 Integrations
  • 12,000 Monthly Tracked Users
  • 12 months Data History
  • 5 Additional Users
  • 500 Scraped Content Items

Business includes:

  • Analytics
  • Hosted FAQ
  • No HelpShelf Branding
  • Broadcast Announcements

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Frequently Asked Questions

An integration is any helpdesk, content, roadmap or scheduling provider that you want to link to your HelpShelf account and widget. Examples include Intercom, HelpDocs, Drift, Zendesk, Vimeo etc. Depending on the plan you are on, you are restricted to the total number of integrations you can add.

HelpShelf logs interactions your users and visitors make with your help widget. A user is tracked whenever they interact with the widget - whether that's opening it, searching for content or contacting support. We will track each unique user once, within a given month

Absolutely! If you need a larger plan then our enterprise plan is what you're looking for. Please email

Absolutely, you're free to change your plan whenever you like. If you change within a billing cycle, we'll issue a pro-rata charge / refund. You can also switch between plans during a free trial.

Yes indeedy. Within 30 days from signing up, if you want to trigger a refund for whatever reason, just let us know :)

Firstly, we will never automatically charge you if you go over your limit. We'll first reach out to you by email to let you know that you're over the limit with the option to pay for additional capacity to tie you over for that month. Prices are just $10 per 1,000 MTU's. If we don't hear anything back within 14 days, we will let you know that your HelpShelf widget has been downgraded so that stats and logs are no longer being tracked and help content can no longer be searched for. Once the 1st of the next month is reached, and your quota has been reset, your HelpShelf widget will be automatically put back into normal operation. It's also worth noting, that downgrading your widget will in no way prevent your customers from reaching you. In effect, you will just lose your management reporting and the ability to have popular/frequent content tracked, calculated and served to your users.

Some integrations (like Sitemaps), as well as manually added articles, require us to scrape the site in order to locate and extract the content. In these cases, each content item counts as a Scaped Content item. The vast majority of our integrations do not fall under this category.